Simple changes to your daily routine can be life changing. Let’s help you learn how today!

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Do I need Restorative Exercise?

Ask yourself these questions:

Am I in pain and frustrated that I’m not getting better?
Do activities such as sitting, standing, moving and exercising create more pain?
Have I become dependant on my health care practitioners, such as my chiropractor for symptom relief?
Do I want tools so I can fix myself?
Do I want to learn how I can stay healthy and fit without compromising the health of my spine and joints?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, well then I can help you!

jessica-riley-rhomboids-pushupsRestorative Exercise (also knows as Nutritional Movement) literally saved my spine. About three years ago, I was experiencing low back pain that was not getting better. Everything hurt from picking up my daughter to laying on my bed. I tried everything from chiropractic, Bowen, yoga, massage, meditation to praying to God to help me!. Literally, it just kept getting worse and worse.

As many of us do when we are desperate, I started researching. I found the Restorative Exercise Institute online and knew immediately I found something special (thank you Google Gods).  Within days of incorporating the corrective exercises and making changes in the way I stand and move, I was experiencing less pain. Within weeks I was out of pain and could comfortably pick up my daughter.  The education I received taught me that I WAS THE ROOT OF MY OWN BACK PROBLEMS and how to FIX ME.

I was so transformed and inspirited by my experience that I decided to become a Restorative Exercise Specialist. I actually believe my back pain was the teacher that acted as a catalyst for me to find this work. Just another reminder that pain offers us a chance to grow.  One of the biggest light bulbs that I see go off in people is the same “Ah ha” I had;  that we are a bit blind to how much modern living affects our wellbeing. A lot of the things that cause our issues are actually a function of HOW WE LIVE. And we can do something about it. Nothing like having the power to transform your own body.

Restorative Exercise Session with Jessica

Let me help you fix your body. When you work with me I will teach you specific corrective exercises to start opening the sticky spots for pain relief.  I’ll show you how to stand, squat and walk to make your movement more nutritious. In addition, Ill teach you ways to create better daily habits that affect the overall loads and forces on the body. Take THAT back pain!

The RE system is based on human biomechanics and utilizes a 25 point alignment system that was developed by Katy Bowman, MS of the Nutritious Movement Center in Sequim, Washington. Biomechanics, a marriage of physics and mathematics applied to human movement and the anatomy and physiology of the body. It has not historically been a heavily studied field, except in sports (think golf). Thankfully, Katy has been able to bridge a gap on connecting how our health on a cellular level is affected by everyday human movement.

“Better than 90% of the energy output of the brain is used relating to the physical body in its gravitational field. The more mechanically distorted a person is, the less energy available for thinking, metabolism and healing.”
Roger Sperry, Nobel Laureate

Conditions Restorative Exercise Helps

Head Spine and Core

Back & Neck Issues
Psoas/Back Injury
Sciatica/sacral iliac issues
Chair sitting
Cardiovascular health
Digestive Issues
Diastisis Recti/core tension

Hips, Legs and Feet

Hip pain/bursitis
Tight hamstrings
Knee and ankle problems
Foot conditions (neuropathy, bunions, planter fascitis)
Sports injuries
Pelvic Floor issues
Transitioning to Minimal footwear

Shoulders and Arms

Shoulder tension/frozen shoulder
Wrist, finger, elbow challenges

It All Hurts

Chronic pain

Seniors-Let’s turn back the clock

Balance Issues
General aches and pains
Cardiovascular Issues/High Blood Pressure
Pelvic Floor Disorder
Stress Incontinence
Digestive Issues
Foot problems (neuropathy, bunions, planter fascitis)

Momma Needs Love

Birth preparation
Hip pain/sacral issues
Pelvic Floor Disorder
Stress incontinence
Diastasis Recti/Core issues
Help with squatting and how to hold the wee ones