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Austin Bowenwork & Alignment Center Pricing


Myofascial Release Massage-John Barnes Method

This work is the ULTIMATE MIND/BODY THERAPY that safely and gentle unwinds restrictions in the Myofascial system (the straightjacket) that causes the symptoms of pain.  This is the MOST EFFECTIVE THERAPY Jessica has come across for treating and resolving chronic pain and tension patterns. This work will change your life. Sessions are relaxing and deeply healing.

$150         55 MINUTES
$190       75 MINUTES


Experience the healing power of Bowen with Master Bowen Practitioner, Jessica Sheaffer. THE MOST RELAXING THERAPY to help you unwind and de-stress.  These sessions are wonderful for those experiencing any type of pain, injury or trauma or just needing a reset.

$150         55 MINUTES
$190      75 MINUTES

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Experience a life changing session that is guaranteed to help your human machine work better. Get insight into how you can hold and move your body to reduce pain, friction and inflammation. This private one-on-one session will include personalized exercises just for you to take home and practice.

$150       55 MINUTES

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This session is truly the essence of what Jessica has to offer as a therapist and healer. It includes hands on healing to help you release old tension patterns, wounds, and energy blocks bringing back you back to your divine healthy nature. May include Bowen, myofascial release, breathing exercises, energy healing, chakra balancing, etc.

$175       60 MINUTES

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Kids are the best healers and they respond GREAT to Bowenwork. Please call me or email for pricing as it varies with the needs and ages of the child.



I have a busy practice and do my best to accommodate existing and new clients. I ask that you kindly allow a 24 hour notice to change or cancel your appointment to allow me time to fill your spot it you cannot make it. If you miss your appointment without the 24 hour notice, you are responsible for paying for your session.


Jessica is happy to give you a receipt upon request for you to submit to your insurance company. She does NOT BILL INSURANCE. The Bowenwork modality is billed under manual/myofascial therapy (CPT code 97140).  Some clients report getting reimbursed through their health savings accounts (HSA).


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