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“I feel very blessed to have been led to Jessica. I had been suffering with plantar fasciitis for over a year as well as other metabolic imbalances. I saw many different practitioners throughout that time without results. Within the next 60 days of receiving Bowenwork, I was painfree and have been so ever since.

I continue to receive Bowenwork and have been reconnected to myself in a whole new way that I haven’t experienced in years. I feel that I am reclaiming my health on many levels.
However, there is so much more that the gifted hands of Jessica tunes into. She has the ability to listen with her hands and be a vehicle for that which is greater than us. Her presence is a transformative force that allows the innate intelligence of the body mind to shift and self correct. There is profound clarity that s conveyed through her as she is a beautiful mirror of reflection to what is really going on.

Her healing sessions have allowed me the awareness of aspects unconsciously held in the body. She has supported me through processing and healing those pieces. Jessica conveys an immediate sense of trust and open heartedness that allows a safe environment for one to be available and receive.  It goes without saying that I have the utmost respect and gratitude for Jessica and Bowenwork. It has and continues to change my life.
In much gratitude!”

“I am a 52 year old female who has been diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis in 2004 and Lupus in 2015. I work at a very high stress job that requires a lot of travel and working on a computer. I have had chronic pain since 2004 along with chronic constipation and fatigue. The pain in the past two years have been so unbearable that traditional medicine caused more damage than help. The damage from the medicine has caused osteoarthritis and cataracts. This last relapse felt like I was having a heart attack. I went to a cardiologist and my heart checked out fine. Complete blood work up showed no issues other than Lupus.

I was frustrated with traditional medicine masking the symptoms and making me feel worse. I started researching alternative medicine and therapy for autoimmune diseases and found Bowenwork. I looked up Bowenwork Austin and found Jessica Riley. The Bowenwork technique and Jessica’s intuitive healing has been very beneficial to me. I am pain and  constipation free. I am continuing my therapy with Jessica and we will be starting to address the fatigue through Restorative Exercise. She has been a true miracle worker and would recommend anyone with chronic problems to give her a chance to work her miracles on you.”

My shoulder feels better than it has felt in years. I can actually relax it and “hold” it in a normal position. All the associated muscles on that side are soft and supple, with only the tiniest bit of tightness on the back shoulder blade where they were rock hard before.  I now can do the exercises you gave me whereas before you worked on me I couldn’t do those moves. Thank you.

“Jessica is a healer, plain and simple. I have tried many different types of healing methods before, but the Bowen work that she does is one of the best therapies I have ever encountered. She can help those who have lost hope in traditional healthcare therapies. She helps get people healthier without the need for medication. I have felt like a new person since I started her treatment and I cannot imagine trying to live healthy without her Bowen treatment. Everyone should experience the wonderful healing hands of Jessica.”
~Jonathan Mendoza, DC,RN,FNP-C

“I am a 71 year old professional drummer. At 70 I reached a point where I had to seriously consider giving up the drums. I was having pain in my hands and I had developed a painful nerve condition in my feet and calves (Neuropathy) which made my feet feel like dead weights. It’s a small miracle that I was able to last in the music business for that long anyway. A friend recommended Bowenwork. I didn’t know anything about it, had never even heard of it. I began sessions with Jessica Riley and almost immediately, I began to feel better. In the following months, the Bowenwork, the Restorative Exercises and stretches have helped my hands, feet, back; my entire body. I’m still playing drums professionally. – Not as much as I used to but I’m able to enjoy it just as much.”

“After four weekly treatments, we could really sense a difference for our son [Moses]! He was less reactive, had a huge growth spurt…he seemed better able to tolerate sounds and sunlight, and he slept better than he ever had…”
~ Sarah Greer-Moses’ mother
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“I recently experienced what I can only describe as hand atrophy.  At first, I noticed weakness when trying to pick up objects, then alarmingly soon after, I noticed the fleshy area of my left hand between the thumb and the first finger was ‘sunken’ when compared to the right hand.  It was subtle but extremely noticeable to me, it just didn’t look right, and, it appeared to be getting worse!  I was also experiencing pain and stiffness in my arm, shoulder and neck.  I don’t mind saying, I was in a panic thinking I may need medications or even surgery.

Fortunately, Jessica helped me to recover through gentle Bowenwork and Restorative Exercise.  The Bowenwork helped my whole body to relax and begin healing, and the restorative exercises helped me to appreciate the need for all-over muscle usage though proper alignment and stretching.  I am so grateful to Jessica for all her advice and support, all of which has led to a plump, fully functional, happy hand but also, an improvement of my overall wellbeing!!”

“I was diagnosed with Addison’s Disease…, after seeing Jessica for Bowen, my blood work returned to perfect levels and everyone comments on how healthy and happy I look.”

“I came to Bowen therapy as someone who had been working on my healing for quite some time. I wanted to go beyond the the usual endless talk therapy that had me stuck in my head. Bowen therapy has offered me the chance to enter the realm of somatic awareness. Jessica’s experience in Bowen and eastern medicine, allows her to listen to my body and communicate with it, to reach deep wounds and help me let them go. To create the somatic body awareness that I am now safe.

There is another dimension of healing that she offers that goes even deeper, her intuitive healing sessions. Jessica has a gift… the gift of channeling energy. Ultimately all forms of disease and negative mental states come from an imbalance of energies within us. Jessica is able to see the body at the energetic level, and work on releasing blockages of energy caused by trauma. When these blockages are released, our body regains its normal flow, helping us to return to optimal health. It is energetic work done at the physical body level. I can not find the words that express how amazing and profound this work is. You must experience it…

I have worked with Jessica for a number of years now, and have found her to be such an amazing being. A beautiful expression of service in healing others and making them whole again. I am so blessed to have her as a partner in my journey of healing.”

“Bowenwork has given me back my pre-fibromyalgia life. The overall achiness is gone. I can take long walks, do push-ups, go on a long road trip or airplane flight. I’ve lost 17lbs the last 5 months because I can dig in the garden, haul bags of compost, push the lawn mower. The limits I had set upon myself to control the pain are no longer necessary.”
~ Julia

“I want to thank you for the great coaching and teaching job. This is the first time in my life that I have not been in major distress from an exercise program. I actually have integrated stretching to the point where it is becoming a habit.” Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

“When I first started coming I had severe neck, back and pelvic injuries for 3 ½ years. This was my last hope for healing. The next step would be surgery. After my first visit, I walked out of the office feeling 2 inches taller. After 4 sessions I am now pain free in my neck and off of daily pain medications.

My energy has increased and my life is now back on track! This work heals not only your body, but your mind. You have a whole new outlook on everyday when you wake up. I just wish I could do it more than once a week because of how incredible I feel. Thank you Jessica for helping me.”
~ Leslie

“I wanted to let you know that my right Achilles has felt much better since you worked on it a couple weeks ago. The Achilles still hurt the next day before the race, but since then it has felt like it has really improved.  I could feel it during the warm up before the race but it was fine once we started.  

So thanks for helping to speed up the recovery, it must have encouraged blood flow to that area. The race also went well too, managed to run a 1:17:32 which was good enough for 1st in the Men’s 35-39 age group and 22nd overall.  That is a fast course and the weather was great for it.  So glad we got to have a Bowen session with you, thanks again!  We’ll definitely need to make another trip to Austin soon.”

“I have had 4 lower back surgeries and have had a lot of nerve damage loss of motor skills and feeling in my left leg and foot to the point of not being able to walk more than a block at a time. After 3 visits I started noticing big changes! After 7, I can walk as far as I want. I don’t limp and I have regained some feeling in my foot that had been lost for about 5 years. My pain level has improved so much I am in awe. Thank you!”

“Jessica, you are a gifted being and hold such a profoundly sacred space in which healing can occur. I am so grateful to be off the chiropractic hamster wheel. It’s great to feel much more flexible in the spine and neck without the painful cracking and crunching that this approach offers. The knee injury is a distant memory as a result of the work that you facilitated, thank you.”
~ Jeni

“Bowenwork has given me back my pre-fibromyalgia life. The overall achiness is gone. I can take long walks, do push-ups, go on a long road trip or airplane flight. I’ve lost 17lbs the last 5 months because I can dig in the garden, haul bags of compost, push the lawn mower. The limits I had set upon myself to control the pain are no longer necessary.”
~ Julia

“For both my patients and for myself, Jessica Riley is my first choice among soft tissue therapists. Jessica’s work, using the Bowen technique, is powerful in its ability to release chronic structural muscular tension.

I have worked with many soft tissue therapists, and I am continually pleased by the praises I hear from my patients of their sessions at her office. Not only do they experience relief from chronic muscular pain and tension, but they appreciate the powerful calming and centering energy that Jessica brings to each session.

It is a pleasure to refer to a therapist who has as great an understanding of the structure of the body as Jessica Riley does. Her gentle work is both profound and deep in its ability to help the body experience health at its natural optimal potential.”
~Dr. Margaret A. Munsey

“Since receiving Bowenwork from Jessica Riley over the last three years, I have been able to have a life again. I had been unable to work for five years due to severe back pain and chemical sensitivities. I had seen several doctors, chiropractors, cranial therapists and naturopaths, sometimes three times a week, over the course of those five years. Through all that I kept getting worse and felt that I wasn’t being given the full attention necessary to figure out what was going on. Not until seeing Jessica did I start getting the care, attention, and treatment my body, soul, and spirit desperately needed.

I can’t say enough about her and Bowen Therapy. Jessica’s intuitiveness, patience, and ability to read and heal the body are truly amazing. She listened intently to me, gave her undivided attention during each and every appointment and was always open to trying new things, which I very much appreciated, she wasn’t locked into only one way of doing things, she was willing to think outside the box! I now have two thriving businesses, I’m able to exercise again and am able to handle stress in a much calmer way. I had also recommended several friends and family members to her and she was able to help each and every one of them. I highly recommend Jessica and Bowen Therapy, it truly changed my life for the better. Y’all in Texas are very fortunate to have her there!”


Pelvic Floor Disorder & Stress Incontinence
“I’m a 34-year-old woman who has been battling stress incontinence since the birth of my daughter two years ago. My daughter was posterior in the womb, so I had an extremely long and difficult birth with intense back labor. At six weeks postpartum when I was cleared for exercise, the cold, hard truth hit me. I couldn’t even lift my daughter’s car seat without leaking urine.

So I went to the urologist’s office because that seemed to make the most sense: address the failing part. The appointment was devastating. I was told that while I didn’t have urinary prolapse, my bladder had descended. I was a great candidate for the vaginal mesh surgery–I just needed to be sure that I wasn’t going to have any more kids. WHAT?! I knew one thing walking away from that appointment, I didn’t want surgery, certainly not as the first option. There had to be another way. So then I found pelvic floor physical therapy. Through a combination of myofascial release and internal vaginal work, we made some great strides.

We had resolved about 80% of my stress incontinence. But we were not able to fully resolve it, and after the physical therapy sessions, I would regress somewhat. I still couldn’t jump. It may not sound like the biggest deal, but it is. It limits my life so much, I can’t dance or run or play tennis or be overly rambunctious with my toddler. I’ve spent the last year and half, desperately trying to figure out where to go from there. One day I got lucky, I found an online exercise program by a restorative exercise specialist, and she recommended a book called Move Your DNA by Katy Bowman. Finally, the pieces were falling into place. My stress incontinence was not going to heal while my daily movement habits were undoing the work that I did in physical therapy or that my body was trying to do on its own.

My lifestyle (especially all of the sitting in my corporate job) and my body were going to require holistic change for me to “fix the part.” I started with restorative exercise stretches at home and quickly realized I wanted someone knowledgeable who could help me with them, to make sure that my alignment was correct, that I understood which muscles I was stretching and why, to answer my questions that were not in my book. That’s how I found Jessica. This was a long-winded introduction to say how grateful I am to be in her practice and to feel that I am finally on the path to complete healing.

Every week, there is real progress, and progress that sticks! It’s been such a blessing to work with a practitioner who believes in your body’s ability to heal, who understands that surgery is not on the table, who has made the same lifestyle changes you have and can offer guidance and support. I went to see Jessica for her expertise in restorative exercise, but soon realized that I would benefit from Bowenwork as well. I have had intermittent tailbone pain since giving birth. (Of course, changing my habit of sitting on it helped tremendously, but the pain still haunted me).

I found that with the tailbone, conventional care and even chiropractic, doesn’t really know how to treat it, and certainly not until you can produce an x-ray that shows trauma. But the tailbone, or coccyx region of the body, is Bowen’s specialty. How serendipitous that I found Jessica! From the first session of those small, gentle movements, I have experienced great relief from pain and a loosening of the tissues.

The modalities that Jessica offers complement each other so well and Jessica is so gifted in both that I highly recommend that not only you see Jessica but you see her for both restorative exercise and Bowenwork. Your body, mind, and soul will thank you! By working with Jessica, I firmly believe my body can now heal. I have all of the pieces of the complex puzzle.”
Keely A.

“My name is Anna. I am 17 years old. All my life I played soccer, whether it be club soccer, high school soccer, or both. However, for the past three years I have been struggling with psoriatic arthritis – a type of inflammatory rheumatoid arthritis that is a combination of psoriasis and arthritis, affecting the joints. After a small spinal fracture in a soccer game I began noticing more and more problems (trouble breathing to muscle/joint pain). When I was on the field playing soccer I had extreme difficulty keeping up, and when I wasn’t on the field I was at a doctor’s appointment trying to figure out why that was.

The summer after my freshman year of high school, I decided to quit both high school and club soccer until we became fully aware of what was causing me so much pain. About a year after symptoms occurred, I was diagnosed with Arthritis, but we didn’t know what caused it. I started off taking up to 23 pills a day, but about a year ago we finally got it lowered down to 4 pills a day plus a shot once a week.

Although my pain was no longer severe, it was still crucial and my immune system could not fight against any sicknesses. I was getting extremely sick about once a week when I was introduced to Mrs. Jessica Riley and the method of bowenwork.

She took a look at my medical history and knew that I was too young to have such symptoms, and immediately began to aide me and help me figure out what the problem was, by looking at a completely different point of view than anyone else who had tried to help me. After a few sessions with Jessica I was already getting sick less often, and my body began to heal itself. It’s healing that you can feel, and healing that goes farther than simply hiding the symptoms.

I am now taking one pill a day, and I am the most pain free I have been since before my freshman year. The fact that my pain is even bearable without my medication is beyond belief. Not only has Jessica healed me through bowenwork, but she has opened my eyes to the cause of my pain. After some experimenting with my diet, we came to the conclusion that I have a gluten intolerance. I have gone completely gluten free for the past month or so, and I can’t explain how much difference it has made.

Jessica has taught me that I am my best doctor, and that I don’t have to live with chronic pain all my life. I can’t thank her enough and I pray that others will allow her to help them just like she did me.”
~ Anna